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90 Minutes 5.1 Surround

Michael Welch of Twilight Saga and Joan of Arcadia, plays Perry, a privileged, young intellectual battling against his destiny not wanting to follow in his father’s political footsteps.  Perry at this challenging crossroads in his life meets Giovanni, played by Shaun Sipos of Melrose Place and The Grudge 2, an artist in search of his own voice.  Giovanni represents a side that Perry desires providing a tumultuous friendship inducing a suicidal realm of self-discovery.  


Commentary with Filmmakers

Deleted Scenes

Interviews with Michael Welch & Shaun Sipos

The Making of LOST DREAM

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Official DVD & Autographed Script

Independent Filmmakers will see first hand transformation from script to screen.

90 Minutes 5.1 Surround

Script is autographed by

writer/director Asif Ahmed